In 2012, while living in Australia, Korrin Barrett was rushed into hospital after mismanagement of a medical condition lead to emergency surgery and admission to the intensive care unit for an undetected bowel perforation.


This vivacious, fit and healthy 33-year-old, with everything to live for, was put into an induced coma and given a 5% chance of survival! Sepsis and multiple organ failure lead to an induced coma.


Nine days later, when Korrin miraculously awoke from the coma, she received the devastating news that to save her life, both her legs and hands would have to be amputated.


“I tell people there are three choices when something rocks their world – give in, give up or give it all you’ve got. I chose the latter.”


Korrin was in ICU for four weeks, had more than twenty-five surgeries and spent seven and a half months in hospital learning to live life as a quadruple amputee. While still in hospital, she was asked to speak at a breakfast for the Australian Institute of Professionals.


With very little time to prepare, and a fear of public speaking, Korrin stood up in front of over two hundred people and told her story straight from the heart.


It was her first ever speaking engagement and she hasn’t looked back.


Korrin learned not only to get back up but to live her life unlimited.


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