Resilience is something that Korrin knows more about than most people and it’s the cornerstone of her presentations to workplaces.

Through talking about why goals are good for you, building your personal brand, leading with courage and living life unlimited, Korrin’s goal is to inspire, mentor and nurture others through life’s adversities.

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“Korrin’s delivery of 3 online workshops to my associates during COVID was a humbling and awe-inspiring series that gave us all a different perspective on challenges and how to have the mindset to overcome these. I would highly recommend Korrin as a speaker for any organisation.”

Kensi Naicker
Business Director - BD ANZ, Sydney

“Korrin will move you like few other people can, she is right up there in the upper echelon of motivational speakers. After listening to her story and being inspired by her absolute grit and determination to make a contribution to the world and her can do attitude you can’t help but be moved by this exceptional human being. A truly inspirational speaker that I would highly recommend for any event.”

Boyd Hawkins
Regional Sales Manager - Ray White, Hawkes Bay

“Inspirational – Funny – Sad – Awe Inspiring! These are the words that come to my mind when I think of Korrin Barrett. Her story is one that needs to be heard as it is real and true and it gives you perspective of difficulties faced and conquered. Korrin left her mark well and truly at Air Hawkes Bay and we would recommend her whole heartedly as a competent and versatile speaker.”

Julie Wakefield
Administration Manager - Air Hawkes Bay

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